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Mark Stieber is the Founder and Executive Director of Main Line Deputy Dog. He earned a master's degree in Political Science and a B.S. in Business Administration from Villanova University. Prior to Deputy Dog Mark was Vice President of Marketing at QVC, Inc. 


Mark earned a certificate in Non-Profit Management from La Salle University in 2010.  He lives in Wayne with his Labrador Retriever Jorg and rescue Beagle Huck.

Mary Remer is a nationally renowned Certified Pet Dog Trainer, breeder, and a licensed American Kennel Club judge. Her company What A Good Dog has trained over 30,000 dogs.  


Among Mary’s many honors are training the first Bull Terrier certified for search and rescue missions, who helped workers in New York City following 9/11/2001.




Al Ulozas

Board President

Senior Vice President

QVC, Inc. (ret.)

Harold Jensen

Board Vice President and Treasurer

Executive Vice President


Carolyn Garson, PhD

Vice President

What A Good Dog

Keith Jones

News Anchor

NBC10 Philadelphia

Ilan Cohen, VMD

St. George Hunt Memorial

Veterinary Hospital

Bobbi Jacobs-Meadway, JD

Eckart, Seamans, Cherin

and Mellott, LLC


Mark Stieber

Executive Director

Main Line Deputy Dog


Deputy Dog relies heavily on a group of volunteers who are truly dedicated to our human/canine teams!  With diverse backgrounds  in their life experience, they each bring a common gift that we rely heavily upon: a love of dogs and   an interest in training them to support their people.

We have some volunteers that help with planning and logistics, and many volunteers are partnered with person and dog with teams during class.  They help them practice based on guidelines given by the instructor.  It's important to understand why people do what they do versus why dogs do what they do.

Volunteers can visit students in their homes to see how training is going there.  And very often we go out in the world to practice in everyday scenarios, at places like Target and Home Depot.  If you see us out anywhere, please ask if you can say hello  to the Deputy Dog!

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